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Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Martinez Director of Athletics & PE 909-748-8400 jeff_martinez@redlands.edu
Rachel Roche Assistant Athletic Director - Sports Information/SWA 909-748-8418 rachel_roche@redlands.edu
Nicholas "Nicho" DellaValle Sports Information Assistant 909-748-8438 nicholas_dellavalle@redlands.edu
Leslie Whittemore Eligibility & Compliance Coordinator 909-748-8884 leslie_whittemore@redlands.edu
Jill Muratet Administrative Assistant/PE & Athletics 909-748-8012 jill_muratet@redlands.edu
Kim Huey Administrative Assistant/Field House 909-748-8023 kim_huey@redlands.edu
Denise Cline Administrative Assistant/Transportation Coordinator 909-748-8400 denise_cline@redlands.edu
Kelly Cooper Athletic Facilities Supervisor 909-748-8401 kelly_cooper@redlands.edu
Mike Myers Athletics Grounds Specialist 909-335-4834
Ryan Garcia Athletic Facility Specialist 909-335-4834 ryan_garcia@redlands.edu
Jorge Cervantes Athletic Facility Specialist 909-335-4834 jorge_cervantes@redlands.edu
Darren "D-Wood" Damewood Athletic Equipment Coordinator 909-748-8419 darren_damewood@redlands.edu
Brent Vihlene Athletic Facilities/Assistant Equipment Coordinator 909-748-8423 brent_vihlene@redlands.edu
Les Canterbury Faculty Athletic Rep - Library 909-748-8081 les_canterbury@redlands.edu
Wes Bernardini Faculty Athletic Rep - Sociology & Anthropology 909-748-8707 wesley_bernardini@redlands.edu

Athletic Training Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Janelle Kratz Head Athletic Trainer 909-748-8399 janelle_kratz@redlands.edu
Nick Harvey Assistant Athletic Trainer 909-748-8409 nick_harvey@redlands.edu
Sarah Beene Assistant Athletic Trainer 909-748-8430 sarah_beene@redlands.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Aaron Holley Head Baseball Coach 909-748-8410 aaron_holley@redlands.edu
Jerry Renfro Associate Head Baseball Coach
Alex Scheiwe Assistant Baseball Coach 909-748-8388 alex_scheiwe@redlands.edu
Ryan Garcia Assistant Baseball Coach 909-335-4834 ryan_garcia@redlands.edu

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Jim Ducey Head Men's Basketball Coach 909-748-8402 jim_ducey@redlands.edu
Jake Ducey Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 909-748-8433 jacob_ducey@redlands.edu
Bryan Ducey Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 909-793-2121 x4847 bryan_ducey@redlands.edu

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Rich Murphy Head Women's Basketball Coach 909-748-8420 rich_murphy@redlands.edu
Bri Davis Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 909-748-8431 brianna_davis@redlands.edu
Kevin Becker Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Suzette Soboti Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Cheer Team

Name Title Phone Email
Summer DeVoré Head Cheer Coach 909-748-8437 summer_devore@redlands.edu
Eileen Hards Assistant Cheer Coach 909-748-8471 eileen_hards@redlands.edu

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Mike Schmidt Head Cross Country Coach 909-748-8403 mike_schmidt@redlands.edu
Brit March Assistant Cross Country Coach 909-748-8445 brit_march@redlands.edu
Richard Nakaoka Assistant Cross Country Coach 909-748-8446 richard_nakaoka@redlands.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Mike Maynard Head Football Coach 909-748-8023 bulldogfootball@redlands.edu
Jim Good Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/QBs/Recruiting 909-748-8415 jim_good@redlands.edu
Joey Mariani Director of Football Operations/Defensive Coordinator/Safeties 909-748-8422 joey_mariani@redlands.edu
Aaron De La Rosa Special Teams Coordinator/Corners 909-748-8443 aaron_delarosa@redlands.edu
Bill Brown Linebackers 909-748-8294 bill_brown@redlands.edu
Dave Brown Defensive Line 909-748-8487 david_brown@redlands.edu
Scott Green Offensive Line 909-748-8455 scott_green@redlands.edu
Matt Griffin Receivers 909-748-8444 matt_griffin@redlands.edu
Ric Lucore Jr. Asst. Director of Operations/Offensive Line 909-748-8476 ric_lucore@redlands.edu
Matt Moore Assistant Recruiting Coordinator/Running Backs 909-748-8293 matthew_moore@redlands.edu
Juan Navarro Defensive Line 909-748-8045 juan_navarro@redlands.edu
Charlie Yaeger IV Tight Ends/Full Backs 909-748-8455 charles_yaeger@redlands.edu
Conner Schultz Student Assistant Coach

Men's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
TBA Head Men's Golf Coach

Women's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Jack Stewart Head Women's Golf Coach 909-748-8400 jack_stewart@redlands.edu

Women's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Suzette Soboti Head Women's Soccer/Lacrosse Coach 909-748-8421 suzette_soboti@redlands.edu
Megan Prickett Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Ralph Perez Head Men's Soccer Coach 909-748-8397 ralph_perez@redlands.edu
Cody Carlson Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 909-748-8439 cody_carlson@redlands.edu
Claudio Rivas Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Suzette Soboti Head Women's Soccer/Lacrosse Coach 909-748-8421 suzette_soboti@redlands.edu
Su DelGuercio Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 909-748-8441 su_delguercio@redlands.edu
Cyndi Goodwin Assistant Women's Soccer Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Dani Spaulding Head Softball Coach 909-748-8414 danielle_spaulding@redlands.edu
Erinn Webb Byers First Assistant Softball Coach 909-748-8436 erinn_webb@redlands.edu
Sarah Beeman Assistant Softball Coach
Jillian Webb Assistant Softball Coach
Amanda Clark Assistant Softball Coach

Strength & Conditioning

Name Title Phone Email
Joe Buckley Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/ Fitness Center Director 909-748-8405 joe_buckley@redlands.edu
Alex Keith Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 909-748-8451 alex_keith@redlands.edu

Swimming & Diving

Name Title Phone Email
Leslie Whittemore Head Coach 909-748-8424 leslie_whittemore@redlands.edu
Matt Zaggy Assistant Swimming Coach 909-748-8395 matthew_zaggy@redlands.edu
Jeff Depew Assistant Swimming Coach jeff_depew@redlands.edu

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Geoff Roche Head Tennis Coach 909-748-8417 geoff_roche@redlands.edu
Ryan Maurier Assistant Men's Tennis Coach 909-748-8432 ryan_maurier@redlands.edu
Erik Lundblad Assistant Men's Tennis Coach

Women's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Geoff Roche Head Tennis Coach 909-748-8417 geoff_roche@redlands.edu
Paige Miles Assistant Women's Tennis Coach 909-748-8435 paige_miles@redlands.edu
Steve Marshburn Assistant Women's Tennis Coach

Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Mike Schmidt Head Track & Field Coach 909-748-8403 mike_schmidt@redlands.edu
Richard Nakaoka Assistant Track & Field Coach 909-748-8446 richard_nakaoka@redlands.edu
Jorge Cervantes Assistant Track & Field Coach
Brit March Assistant Track & Field Coach 909-748-8445 brit_march@redlands.edu
David Parke Assistant Track & Field Coach
Dave Parsons Assistant Track & Field Coach
Jeff Stanners Assistant Track & Field Coach

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Lisa Lindberg Head Volleyball Coach 909-748-8398 lisa_lindberg@redlands.edu
Tiffany Johnstone Assistant Volleyball Coach 909-748-8394 tiffany_johnstone@redlands.edu
Luis Chanure Assistant Volleyball Coach

Men's Water Polo

Name Title Phone Email
Tom Whittemore Head Men's Water Polo Coach 909-748-8425 tom_whittemore@redlands.edu
Ryan Hall Assistant Water Polo Coach 909-748-8396 ryan_hall@redlands.edu

Women's Water Polo

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Gielen Head Women's Water Polo Coach 909-748-8395 chris_gielen@redlands.edu
Ryan Hall Assistant Water Polo Coach 909-748-8396 ryan_hall@redlands.edu