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Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Martinez Director of Athletics & PE 909-748-8400 jeff_martinez@redlands.edu
Rachel Roche Sports Information Director/SWA 909-748-8418 rachel_roche@redlands.edu
Leslie Whittemore Eligibility & Compliance Coordinator 909-748-8884 leslie_whittemore@redlands.edu
Jill Joiner Administrative Assistant/PE & Athletics 909-748-8012 jill_joiner@redlands.edu
Pamela Ong Administrative Assistant/Transportation Coordinator 909-748-8400 pamela_ong@redlands.edu
Kim Huey Administrative Assistant/Field House 909-748-8023 kim_huey@redlands.edu
Kelly Cooper Athletic Facilities Supervisor 909-748-8401 kelly_cooper@redlands.edu
Cameron Chilcoat Athletics Grounds Specialist 909-335-4834 cameron_chilcoat@redlands.edu
Mike Myers Athletics Grounds Specialist 909-335-4834
Ryan Garcia Athletic Facility Specialist 909-335-4834 ryan_garcia@redlands.edu
Harry Rott Athletic Equipment Coordinator 909-748-8419 harry_rott@redlands.edu
Brent Vihlene Athletic Facilities/Assistant Equipment Coordinator 909-748-8423 brent_vihlene@redlands.edu
Les Canterbury Faculty Athletic Rep - Library 909-748-8081 les_canterbury@redlands.edu
Wes Bernardini Faculty Athletic Rep - Sociology & Anthropology 909-748-8707 wesley_bernardini@redlands.edu
Wendy McIntyre Faculty Athletic Rep - Environmental Science 909-748-8591 wendy_mcintyre@redlands.edu

Athletic Training Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Janelle Kratz Interim Head Athletic Trainer 909-748-8399 janelle_kratz@redlands.edu
Scott Nastase Assistant Athletic Trainer 909-748-8430 scott_nastase@redlands.edu
Nick Harvey Assistant Athletic Trainer 909-748-8409 nick_harvey@redlands.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Aaron Holley Head Baseball Coach 909-748-8410 aaron_holley@redlands.edu
Jerry Renfro Associate Head Baseball Coach
Cameron Lowe Assistant Baseball Coach 909-748-8388 cameron_lowe@redlands.edu
Graham Baughn Assistant Baseball Coach
Ryan Garcia Assistant Baseball Coach 909-335-4834 ryan_garcia@redlands.edu
Mathew Marnati Assistant Baseball Coach mathew_marnati@redlands.edu

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Jim Ducey Head Men's Basketball Coach 909-748-8402 jim_ducey@redlands.edu
Kent Ervin Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 909-748-8433 kent_ervin@redlands.edu
Bryan Ducey Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 909-793-2121 x4847 bryan_ducey@redlands.edu
Jake Ducey Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Ted Ducey Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Josiah Brensdal Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Rich Murphy Head Women's Basketball Coach 909-748-8420 rich_murphy@redlands.edu
Bri Davis Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 909-748-8431 brianna_davis@redlands.edu
Kevin Becker Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Suzette Soboti Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Jody Craig Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Cheer Team

Name Title Phone Email
Summer DeVoré Head Cheer Coach 909-748-8437 summer_devore@redlands.edu
Eileen Hards Assistant Cheer Coach 909-748-8471 eileen_hards@redlands.edu

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Mike Schmidt Head Cross Country Coach 909-748-8403 mike_schmidt@redlands.edu
Paige Mills Assistant Cross Country Coach 909-748-8445 paige_mills@redlands.edu
Jason Peters Assistant Cross Country Coach 909-748-8446 jason_peters1@redlands.edu
Emily Canales Assistant Cross Country Coach emily_canales@redlands.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Mike Maynard Head Football Coach 909-748-8023 bulldogfootball@redlands.edu
Jim Good Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/QBs/Recruiting 909-748-8415 jim_good@redlands.edu
Joey Mariani Director of Football Operations/Defensive Coordinator/Safeties 909-748-8422 joey_mariani@redlands.edu
Bill Brown Linebackers 909-748-8294 bill_brown@redlands.edu
Taylor Chapatte Receivers 909-748-8444 taylor_chapatte@redlands.edu
Rodney Dawson Defensive Line rodney_dawson@redlands.edu
Aaron De La Rosa Linebackers 909-748-8443 aaron_delarosa@redlands.edu
Scott Green Running Backs 909-748-8293 scott_green@redlands.edu
Ric Lucore Jr. Asst. Director of Operations/Offensive Line 909-793-2121 x4853 ric_lucore@redlands.edu
Jim McNamara Defensive Backs/Corners 909-793-2121 x4854 jim_mcnamara@redlands.edu
Charlie Yaeger IV Tight Ends/Full Backs charles_yaeger@redlands.edu

Men's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Butch Edge Head Men's Golf Coach 909-748-8440 butch_edge@redlands.edu

Women's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Art Salvesen Head Women's Golf Coach 909-748-8400 art_salvesen@redlands.edu

Women's Lacrosse

Name Title Phone Email
Suzette Soboti Head Women's Soccer/Lacrosse Coach 909-748-8421 suzette_soboti@redlands.edu
Megan Prickett Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach 909-748-8406 megan_prickett@redlands.edu
Jennie Tuttle Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Ralph Perez Head Men's Soccer Coach 909-748-8397 ralph_perez@redlands.edu
Cale Rodriguez Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 909-748-8439 cale_rodriguez@redlands.edu
Claudio Rivas Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Will Roraff Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Suzette Soboti Head Women's Soccer/Lacrosse Coach 909-748-8421 suzette_soboti@redlands.edu
Su DelGuercio Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 909-748-8441 su_delguercio@redlands.edu
Cyndi Goodwin Assistant Women's Soccer Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Dani Spaulding Interim Head Softball Coach 909-748-8414 danielle_spaulding@redlands.edu
Erinn Webb First Assistant Softball Coach
Jessica Garcia Assistant Softball Coach
Sarah Beeman Assistant Softball Coach

Strength & Conditioning

Name Title Phone Email
Drew Henley Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/ Fitness Center Director 909-748-8405 drew_henley@redlands.edu
Alverno "AJ" Middleton Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 909-748-8451 alverno_middleton@redlands.edu

Swimming & Diving

Name Title Phone Email
Trevor Harp Head Swimming & Diving Coach 909-748-8424 trevor_harp@redlands.edu
Tyler Harp Assistant Swimming Coach 909-748-8395 tyler_harp@redlands.edu
Ashley Webb Diving Coach

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Geoff Roche Head Tennis Coach 909-748-8417 geoff_roche@redlands.edu
Zack Hasenyager Assistant Men's Tennis Coach 909-748-8432 zachary_hasenyager@redlands.edu
Erik Lundblad Assistant Men's Tennis Coach

Women's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Geoff Roche Head Tennis Coach 909-748-8417 geoff_roche@redlands.edu
Rachael Miller Assistant Women's Tennis Coach 909-748-8435 rachael_miller@redlands.edu
Steve Marshburn Assistant Women's Tennis Coach
Lindsay Puder Assistant Women's Tennis Coach

Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Mike Schmidt Head Track & Field Coach 909-748-8403 mike_schmidt@redlands.edu
Emily Canales Assistant Track & Field Coach emily_canales@redlands.edu
Paige Mills Assistant Track & Field Coach 909-748-8445 paige_mills@redlands.edu
David Parke Assistant Track & Field Coach
Dave Parsons Assistant Track & Field Coach
Jason Peters Assistant Track & Field Coach 909-748-8446 jason_peters1@redlands.edu
Jeff Stanners Assistant Track & Field Coach

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Mari Winter Head Women's Volleyball Coach 909-748-8398 mari_winter@redlands.edu
Kenzie Aries Assistant Volleyball Coach 909-748-8394 mackenzie_aries@redlands.edu
Luis Chanure Assistant Volleyball Coach

Men's Water Polo

Name Title Phone Email
Tom Whittemore Head Men's Water Polo Coach 909-748-8425 tom_whittemore@redlands.edu
Cabot Ferrill Assistant Men's Water Polo Coach
Ty Hudson Assistant Men's Water Polo Coach

Women's Water Polo

Name Title Phone Email
Head Coach TBA
Joy Corona Assistant Women's Water Polo Coach