Common Issues/Concerns/Questions


1. “Why am I not cleared?” – see STEP 13 for NEW student-athletes, STEP 12 for RETURNER
a. Did you fill out EVERYTHING, sign, and click “submit” for every form?
Follow all directions for completion. The final status from your sickle testing/doctor (if it applies to you) will NOT keep you from being cleared but not completing the sickle cell trait test letter will keep you from being cleared. If you test positive for the sickle cell trait, we will contact you about further information.
b. Have you turned in your physical?
You will not be cleared until we receive a COMPLETED AND CORRECT physical. The NCAA requires the physical to be completed and signed by an MD (medical doctor) or a DO (doctor of osteopathy) – a form with the signature of a PA (physician’s assistant) or NP (nurse practitioner) will not be accepted. A stamp from the physician’s office is required for verification.
If your doctor’s office said they will send it to us, it is YOUR responsibility to follow-up with that office to make sure this process was completed.
c. Give us time to review and give clearance – you are not instantly cleared upon final submission click. Again, follow the directions as they are detailed.
2. “My forms are not saving”
a. If you are on a mobile device, try completing forms on a PC as the system doesn’t always work correctly on mobile devices
b. Try coming back to it at a different time of the day – the system sometimes is doing a reset.
c. Contact us at if you are still having issues
3. Insurance coverage while attending University of Redlands – contact your insurance company and find out the procedure for seeing a physician (general, orthopedic, and urgent care) while in Redlands. We must abide by your insurance company's referral. Knowing this information before you have an injury will save time if/when you need to be referred. We recommend looking into the insurance the University of Redlands has for purchase if your insurance does not allow you to see someone locally. Please see link on the main page for more information on the University of Redlands athletic department’s excess insurance policy.
Are you covered by Kaiser insurance? If your Kaiser insurance is from any region other than Southern California you will need to take the following steps and update your insurance information on Sportsware:
i. Call the phone number on your card and ask for a visiting Southern California policy number – this number will be with you for your time in Redlands under Kaiser insurance.
ii. Report this number on your profile on Sportware, not your parent/guardian’s number, as this is your own personal identification and all your records are under this number at Kaiser
iii. Your records through your home region are not shared with the Southern California database so any paperwork from your home physician MUST be provided.
4. “Why do I have to get a physical every year?”
a. The NCAA requires all student-athletes must have an updated physical examination every year within 6 months of the beginning of the season. Spring sports must get a completed health screening during summer to be eligible for non-traditional (fall) season
5. “Cannot get an appointment with my doctor by August 1.” Here are a few things to try:
a. Check for appointment availability with another Doctor in the same practice as they will still have access to your medical history.
b. Get the next available appointment prior to your arrival to campus, email with your appointment date and scan/email us your completed physical once this appointment has occurred
c. Ask about getting on a wait list for an appointment as soon as possible - email and let us know you have made this request
6. “I don’t have a regular doctor.” (i.e. doctor retired, I’ve moved recently, etc)
a. Contact a facility you have gone to in the past for a physical or other checkup/illness – they will have your medical records
b. Establish a doctor in your hometown. It is good to have someone you can see when you are not at school.
7. Emergency Contacts: Your secondary emergency contact should be someone at least 18 years of age, someone you and your parents' trust, NOT a teammate or University of Redlands coach, and will only be used if we cannot get in touch with your primary emergency contact. You can list both parents as your primary (Ex. Joe/Jane Smith) and your secondary contact DOES NOT have to be local to Redlands.
8. Have you had surgery or been held out of athletics (competition and/or practice/conditioning) by a Doctor in the last 12 months?
a. You MUST get clearance note from the Doctor that held you out NO MATTER THE REASON
b. A clearance from a Physical Therapist or Chiropractor is NOT acceptable
c. If you are a returning student-athlete and already have a clearance note on file with us for the surgery/injury/illness in the last 12 months, you do not need to get a new one. Contact us at if you are unsure about this status.