2018 SCIAC
Track & Field


Redlands, CA

More than just our location and namesake, the city of Redlands is our home—and we couldn’t ask for a better one. Nestled at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains, it’s the kind of place where you can enjoy views of snowcapped peaks on a warm, sunny winter day. In other words, it’s as unique and filled with possibility as our university. Conveniently located within driving distance of Southern California’s most celebrated cities, attractions and natural resources, yet tucked away in a world of its own, Redlands is the ideal site for a memorable and well-rounded education. Like the university, Redlands is always growing and changing while staying true to its roots. It’s a community that's connected to service, passionate about education and the arts and proud of its history and accomplishments. In short, it’s the perfect setting for the University of Redlands experience.

University of Redlands

The University of Redlands is a private, independent liberal arts university committed to providing a personalized education that frees students to make enlightened choices. Redlands emphasizes academic rigor, curricular diversity, and innovative teaching. Redlands fosters a community of scholars and encourages a pluralistic notion of values by challenging assumptions and stereotypes in both classes and activities. A Redlands education goes beyond training to embrace a reflective understanding of our world; it proceeds from information to insight, from knowledge to meaning. Welcoming intellectually curious students of diverse religious, ethnic, national and socioeconomic backgrounds, the University seeks to develop responsible citizenship as part of a complete education. Redlands encourages a community atmosphere with exceptional opportunity for student leadership and interaction. Small classes enable each student to participate in class discussion, to work closely with professors, and to receive extensive individual attention.

Tournament Central

SCIAC Track & Field Championships Schedule

Friday, April 27                              Saturday, April 28    
2:30-3:30 p.m. Implement Weigh-in          2:30-3:30 p.m.  Implement Weigh-in  
FIELD EVENTS All Finals     FIELD EVENTS All Finals  
4 p.m. Hammer M   4 p.m. Hammer W
  Discus W     Javelin M
  Long Jump W     Triple Jump W
  Pole Vault M     High Jump M
6:30 p.m. Shot Put W   6:30 p.m. Shot Put M
  Discus M     Javelin W
  Long Jump M     Triple Jump M
  Pole Vault W     High Jump W
RUNNING EVENTS   Prelims and Finals     RUNNING EVENTS   All Finals  
4:30 p.m. 1500 meters M   5:30 p.m. 4x100 meter Relay M
4:45 p.m. 1500 meters W   5:35 p.m. 4x100 meter Relay W
5 p.m. 110m Hurdles M   5:40 p.m. 1500 meters M
5:10 p.m. 100m Hurdles W   5:50 p.m. 1500 meters W
5:20 p.m. 400 meters M   6 p.m. 110m Hurdles M
5:30 p.m. 400 meters W   6:10 p.m. 100 Hurdles W
5:40 p.m. 100 meters M   6:20 p.m. 400 meters M
5:55 p.m. 100 meters W   6:30 p.m. 400 meters W
6:10 p.m. 800 meters M   6:40 p.m. 100 meters M
6:25 p.m. 800 meters W   6:45 p.m. 100 meters W
6:40 p.m. 400m Hurdles M   6:50 p.m. 800 meters M
6:50 p.m. 400m Hurdles W   7 p.m. 800 meters W
7 p.m. 200 meters M   7:10 p.m. 400m Hurdles M
7:15 p.m. 200 meters W   7:20 p.m. 400m Hurdles W
7:30 p.m. 3000m Steeple (final)  M   7:30 p.m. 200 meters M
7:50 p.m. 3000m Steeple (final) W   7:35 p.m. 200 meters W
8:05 p.m. 10,000m (Final) M   7:40 p.m. 5000 meters M
8:45 p.m. 10,000m (Final) W   8 p.m. 5000 meters W
        8:25 p.m. 4x400 meter Relay M
        8:30 p.m. 4x400 meter Relay W